May 13, 2010
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After yet again starting games and people deciding to quit,this will be my last venture into the online side of FM13 as now its just wasting my time.
Im looking for 2 people who are reliable and committed to playing the game with a view to a long term commitment in it.
The game will probably be the relegation end in the EPL but ideally im open to offers of which league to start in.

So if you would like to join tell me a bit about yourself.long you been playing FM? where you are from? what days times u can play,as this game will be played mostly at nights.

So again please only post interest if you are genuinely going to stick around for a game and not waste not only my time but also yours.
Look forward to hearing from you guys!!!!!

steff318 steam address.
Hey Steff,
I'm starting a new online clan myself called 'Written In The Stars' got 4 players at the minute and looking for maybe 1 or 2 more who like you said are commited if you would like to join your more than welcome, details of clan and days/times are on forum. If you think that sounds good can you pm me with your skype details.