Looking for a playmaker for united

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Nov 5, 2009
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Hello guys i'm in the second season with my United team, i wanna replace carrick with another playmaker at the midfield. Beside fletcher,
I want one of the big names
But Fabregas and sneijder doesnt want to join my team any other suggestions?
Javier Pastore - Play him Attacking Midfielder with Attacking mentality, he'll be better than Sneijder.
They can still play MC it doesn;t matter. MC - Advanced Playmaker - Support.

If you want a natural Marek Hamsik, Bernardo, Marchisio, Witsel.

Nuri Sahin is beastly as a deep lying playmaker.
Marek Hamsik
Nuri Sahin
Javier Pastore
Paulo Henrique

All of the bolded players, I have in my Liverpool team.
Eden Hazard is good. Pretty flexible in terms of positions, too.
Eden Hazard is good. Pretty flexible in terms of positions, too.

I play Hazard as Advanced Playmaker in the AMC position and has 10 goals in all Competitions so far and is only November i think :D i think he is my teams top scorer ahaa :p
Luka Modric... Signed him for my Manchester United team beginning of second season and he's just a beast... Natural positions for AMC and MC, I got him for 7 mill cause he wanted move clubs so might cost you 15 mill... A steal really so he could be good :)
Not sure about Hazard as an MC, but he's the freaking backbone for my Belgium squad :p
Paulo Henrique and Modric are both excellent as MC, so is Witsel, and Badelj is a pretty decent prospect looking forward.
Andrea Poli?
marek hamsik - napoli
andrea poli - sampdoria
paulo henrique - santos
eden hazard - lile
javier pastore - palermo
luka modric - spurs
nuri Sahin- dortmund
How much does modric go for towards the end of the first season?
try Sergio Canales, he's normal in Real's b team.

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