Feb 8, 2013
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Im tottenham Hotspur and is looking or a centre midfield wonderkid
who will take the place of scott Parker when he retires.
was going to continue to bring up Thomas Carroll but can't seem to get anywhere with him.
Any suggestions

Is Verratti considered a wonderkid? If yes then him. He becomes a monster

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Srdjan Mijailovic

can get him for around 3-5mil


Lucas Romero

might cost around 7-10mil
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Ok cheers I will ave a look at them 2.

Oh and BWM position.
kara plays for tromso now, beast of a BWM.. you can get him for 3mil
I'm a bit of a novis when it comes to Signing players on FM, but from my knowledge of real life football, I would recommend Tom Carroll as the midfielder next to the BWM rather than the actual BWM. In real life, his passing ability is immense, glimmers of Luca Modric about him. Although he does need to bulk up. If you're strapped for cash or you're not in a transfer window, best thing is to use Livermore. I'm assuming you still have Sandro as well and just need back up for when he's injured.
Having a player with ”Creativity - 19” and ”Passing - 16”, and play him anything else than BBM or AP is a waste. That guy has nothing to do with BWM, check his tackling, he is lower than average from this point of view. Does Carroll develop so well?!? Wow!!
Christian eriksen hes a beast 20+ assist a seson