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Looking for contribution to bulding a low league tactic from the FMBase Community!

Nov 16, 2010
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Ok, I got kind of sick of my saves so I took a dive into the Tycoon Takeover thread and found Grimsby had been taken over and scraped out of relegation. 15m to spend over the summer brought in about 11 new players and i think it may have upset the team so I'm focusing a lot on team cohesion in training to blend the squad together . I am using the Arggio Sacchi tactic as base model except I've dropped the 2nd striker to CM support and brought the two wing players to AMCR and AMCL on Advanced player roles one on Attacking and one of Support...as you can see here. I have also uploaded the team comparison screens so you can see here we are stats wize against the rest of the league
View attachment 379070View attachment 379064View attachment 379065View attachment 379066View attachment 379067View attachment 379068View attachment 379069

Thanks in advance...hopefully you guys can bring some new ideas to the table to get the best of what quite frankly is a good team that should be in a top 7 finish :D

Bring it on!