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Looking for enthusiastic Tactic Reviewers, Player Reviewers & more!!!

Feb 10, 2011
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Hey guys,

I'm Karam/Kyanite call me whatever you want from theAdvancedPlaymaker.co.uk
I've currently got openings for the following positions:
  • Tactic Reviewers
  • Player Reviewers
  • FM News Posters (e.g. any FM related news)
  • Anything FM/Football related of your choice (run it by me and we'll discuss it, simply blogging about your own save is fine too)
  • FM Guide writers (hundreds of possibilities)
  • Anything else you think could be useful... don't hesitate to ask!
What do you get in return?
- At the moment, nothing. Nobody is obliged regarding the frequency of their posts and so forth. Quality over quantity as always.
- If it means anything, blogging looks good on your UCAS/Uni applications. I got a job at my Uni as a blogger simply based on my background on FM blogging believe it or not!
- If you become dedicated and fairly frequent and so forth with your posts, then we could come to a financial agreement for your services :)

If anybody is interested please PM me here or add me up on Steam: karroma94