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Jan 29, 2012
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Hello guys i'm currently on July 2013 preparing for upcoming season
I've looking for new Defenders Right as i sold Frazer Richardson (Backup DR) to another club because he was poor
N. Clyne is the only DR for my team, i dont have any decent player in reserves/u-18s who are good enough.

Actually i'm already considered Charlton's Chris Solly, but my scouts told me that he isn't better than Clyne, so its not ideal to spend 8 M pounds for player who are going to make bench every weeks for Soton. Besides that, my philosophy is to have more than 2 players in every position, and in every position, there's at least one senior player.

So, i need help for finding good DR ( age 25-33 ) you have experienced, because my aim in this save is to develop youth teams, so its a must to have a good player to tutor youngster, mainly if they have good personalities

My budget is around 15 M pounds but i only want to spend not more than 6 M pounds for right back!!

Thank you very much!
Gino Peruzzi & Mattia De Sciglio are someone to look at :)
If you have clyne, I assume you are using southhampton. I would choose matthew lowton for a cheap english premier division signing. He is still pretty young, but he is good. :) At least for me he did good. :)
thank you very much guys for your suggestion!! very appreciated!!
Yes wolfthegreat, i'm using Soton ! i finished 10th last season so the board are kind to me, they give me 18 M budget!
But, what i need is an experienced DR who are solid, or have good personalities ( not a must ) to tutor youngsters

de Sciglio is too young and he's already agreed to join Fiorentina on loan, so i think its impossible deal!

Yea actually i'm agree, Solly attributes are better than Clyne's , but Clyne managed to play 34 matches for Soton last season and was solid with both attacking and defending, he's showing so much progress, so i think it will be hard to put him on the bench!

Lowton would be a good idea since Aston Villa relegated, so i think i could snap him with a bargain price

anyway, i will decide which one to buy, Lowton or Chris Solly! Hopefully i can managed to get best players with lowest price ;)

The board are requesting for top half finish so strengthening squad is a must
I have never bought Solly. But lowton would work fine as a backup... He works well for me. :) another one you can look at who is extremely good and could make your clyne look bad is Sebastian corchia... You could snap him up at around 7.5m, that is if he is still at his original club. But he is well, gonna take your whole bank up. Also corchia is a very attacking mentality DR so if you want a more defensive one, he isn't the one you want. XD
Corchia is interested by Chelsea and Valencia, so i think i couldn't challenge them :p

yep, i agree Corchia is too offensive minded full backs, maybe when i'm on regular top four i will looking for FB with his type :D
o_O Chelsea interested? BTW have you check on martin Kelly? I love to use him for my England squad. I prefer him over kyle walker for a DR. Never actually tried buying him... Only use him on international as for premier league wise... I am not sure how good he is. I never tried getting serge aurier as well... You can try getting sime vrsajlko. Not sure how to spell his name all I know is that he is from Croatia. He is quite good for a DR as well and his price range about same as corchia. Honestly speaking, I play a very attacking mentality for my RB and LB so I can't really get you that much defensive ones but martin Kelly is definitely good defensively for a DR
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Cheers wolf, i signed Chris Solly for 5 M pounds, seems Chris Solly very interested to join my Soton, so he asked to be transfer listed, so i snap him for 5 M pounds, previous demands 8 M ( before transfer listed )

:D :D
Haha I just snap up andreas bertalucci for 7m on my arsenal save... Originally they demanded 11m. Also I just snap up de scigllio at 11m because he demanded to go because he wanted to go to Arsenal. Originally AC Milan demanded a crazy 33m for him... Now I just snap up 2 players at a really cheap price. Considering how well they have been performing.

Well you know actually sometimes you can also look for a good CB when looking for a good fullback. For my case I did just that, I took koscielny and retrain him into a LB and 3 seasons later, he was in the champions cup dream team as the best LB. Shall post the screenshot up after work.
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