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Looking for some help with my manager story

Aug 11, 2009
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Hello, folks!

I am looking for some help with my manager story. It's a pretty simple question actually but I'd appreciate any advice.

The story begins in 2026 and follows Newcastle challenging Manchester United's record of titles. The faces "presenting" the story are well-known pundits, many of them biased to add some spice. Since I'm not from England and don't know your media inside out I am struggling with who to pick and how to imitate their "voices".

My question is what kind of media and pundits would be interesting to follow? Who are the most interesting characters out there, how do they sound and what's their bias? The clubs likely to feature are Newcastle, Manchester United, Manchester City, Leeds, Blackburn, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Q.P.R. so it would be nice if the pundits are connected to them somehow. I am also open for creative suggestions like popular fan-sites or blogs or anything else that comes to your mind.

So far I have "employed" Gary Neville via Sunday Times, Joey Barton via Twitter, Robbie Savage via the Guardian (I know he's actually at BBC Radio though) and a few other current footballers who aren't pundits yet like Ryan Taylor.

You can find my story here: