Feb 12, 2013
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So frustrated at this, its getting to a stage that the computer is going through the window. No matter what I do my tactics dont seem to work. I joined Yeovil mid season and had a promising start. After hammering second in the table on their own patch 4-0 my team just have forgotten how to score and win, even scraping a draw is now becoming difficult. We have not won for 11 games and have now fallen into the relegation zone. Comparing my team to others we should be comfortably competing for play offs or promotion. I know that they dont become poor players overnight, but this is getting beyond a joke. I have three tactics which I use, the team are accomplished to 100 on all, so they know the tactics, but because of this run they dont want to play and in every game not are becoming angry. Help needed before I lose all heart in the game and put it to the back of the queue and start playing xbox again.
first thing hold a team meeting to try and improve morale. how large is your squad? if its small try bringing in a loan signing or two to freshen up team.....if you have bought in a lot of players since taking charge or have a huge squad scrap the loan signing idea. do you use scouting reports on opposition? try and figure out what they struggle with, i.e. if they struggle against 5 men midfields use a tactics that packs the midfield. also on your squad screen try and get the view of player strength and weakness - you can get an idea of whether you have too little players that work hard for each other etc.