Love the Game but Really not having great success!


Apr 5, 2012
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Hello, Basically i love Fm have done with all of them but as i want to get more technical about it and use possession tactics with Everton (my Support team) i just can't do well with them. I have started numerous amount of times and have failed with Everton. My screen shot above is early on in the season i know but i have done this a few times. The games i had then i should of won, well in my opinion anyway.

I dont know if its my tactics or what! I just cant figure it out. Here are the games in more detail below.

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My players are not getting match ratings i would like. Not sure yet again if im playing them wrong but pretty sure i am as im looking at PPM and playing them in natural positions and so on. My tactics and formation are below.

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I do also have formation 4-5-1 as well and that does a little bit better but not alot.

I could really use some advise please.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread.

1) untick the manual changes

2) You have no one actually defending your midfield. Change the MCs to dlp support and CM/Defend and go from there, check they have the right attributes though

3) Lacking some penetration, one of your wide players should be given an attack role

I won BPL, FA cup and EL with Fulham in my third season with this tactic. It's similar to yours, but it's little more defensive oriented.
ok thanks for the Reply's and i will defiantly take note and changes will be made
Change the AMC to a DMC, Anchorman. It adds more defensive stability. You'll shut up shop, and nick games by one or two goals.
Also, it wouldnt be a bad idea to start pre season earlier. You need to play more friendlies at the start.
I have the same problem. I play as my favorite club, Leeds, and every new game i do ****. I'm in bottom half of table and get knocked out of cups to lower league teams... But at the moment im not doing bad. I don't have screen shots but i play a rigid (did play fluid but i think that too many players where moving out of position)/attacking strategy. I use two formations, 4-2-3-1 like yours with just some player roles changed, and 4-4-2. Ive noticed that changing formation mid match can help too as i only lost one game in eleven in all comps, beating Sunderland in 4th Round FA Cup to set up a tie against Man City. I'm still mid table but only 4pts of play offs and not much of leader... Lets hope Ive not jinxed myself.
I usually try to have a 3-3-3 (defend, support, attack that is) setting for player's duty. The remaining one's mostly distributed to whatever form of style I play (3-3-4 for attacking formations, 4-3-3 for defending, 3-4-3 for "controlling").

When you set your player's duty keep in mind that it will change your player's mentality on the pitch and it might cause "grouping". What do I mean with that? Let's say you got your striker on defending duty and your AMC on attacking - so your striker's playing further down the pitch and your AMC is further up the pitch, and now (if you check avg. positions) they are almost sitting on each others toes, waisting space and opportunities.