Feb 18, 2011
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I get a massege that FM is running dangerously low on memory. And directly after that it have run out of memory and shuts down. Why does it do that?
I am playing in season 2020 if that is a bug? please someone.:'(
I used to get that on my pc i think it means you dont have enough memory for the game to run :(
how much RAM you got? How much space you got on your Hard drive?
It means your computer is running low on memory, FM is quite a big game and needs a laptop/computer with a medium sized RAM to run it smoothly.

Try un-installing a few things you don't need from your computer that are quite large in size from your Control Panel, you can also do a few other things like De-Fraging. If that fails to work only thing I can think of is to reboot your computer...
sounds plenty to run a game that does, try un-installing the game, and then installing it again.
You probably have too many leagues loaded and you computer cannot handle it. While may run OK the first few seasons, the further you get into a game the slower it tends to run.
2GB aint loads, what operating system u using?
2 gigs is enough to run any game. 4 is great. 8 and above is just overkill. XD
2 gigs is enough to run any game. 4 is great. 8 and above is just overkill. XD

depends on operating system. Vista/7 64bit really needs 4GB to play games. my windows 7 64bit is using just under 2GB now and I'm not even playing anything
you are probably fine RAM wise, though getting another 2GB wouldn't hurt. It's probably for the reasons above, your pc can't handle all the new stuff with the game in the future