low transfer bugets even after winning titles.


Jan 28, 2013
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hi guys, im just wondering about the transfer budgets in game, im around the 2031 mark in the game, first i was arsenal who always had 30-60 mill available to spend every season and a high wage bill.

i took over at roma, who were mid table, and was given about 8 mill to spend and a very low wage budget which restricted me. i won the title 3 seasons running aswell as the italian cup and a few quarter/semi final CL exits etc but i can never reach that next level because my finances never improved despite having generated alot of money via winnings. i decided to leave roma

i joined athletico madrid in january, moved them from 15th and finished 8th. i was only given 3 mill to spend in my first full season. the following season i finished 3rd, and still only got 6 mill to spend with a low wage budget.

my question is, how do you manage to get 20-40 mill to spend. without being taken over by a sugar daddy.

i cant reach that next level because i can only afford 1 decent player per window and i cant offer anyone more than 40k a week.

Well I'm not an expert or anything on the game, and I'm not like best with things like this, but in my opinion - you've been at clubs, Roma & Athletico Madrid who haven't got the best of finance positions in the first place, and you possible have loans to pay off or something, and possible the way the game is set up is that you NEED to get past the later stages with the team you have in order to eventually start getting in big names and big money. I'm not too sure - it might just be the club in general, as Arsenal always have money to spend in real life as well, but Athletico and Roma don't as much.

Might just be how the clubs are set up to make it realistic. But maybe its worth getting a more experienced view on the verdict.
You need to get really promising youth players and invest in your academy, then you can step up to the next level you need to get to and drag in money. Also, if you can't do well without money, NEVER go to Italy since the attendances are poor.
I always get my youth and training facilities upgraded first of all, I took over Napoli at the start of the game and now in 2021 I've turned them into the best ranked club in the world without a sugar daddy. I did this by buying young players on low wages and selling the older ones who played in the same position. Also every year look for free transfers and sign them, loan them out for 1 and a half or two years then sell them for huge profit! Now in 2021 I have a transfer budget of 73 million and a wage budget of 1.6 million , also I have won the league 7 times and champions league 3 times
yeah thats my aim, i finished 4th in my first full season, lost the CL play off against bayern, qualified for latter stages of europa league and was given 7 million to spend, ive managed to get a few veterans and loans to help me out however this season im struggling in the league. im 8th and cant seen to defend. im sure itl work out.

i got offered the man city job with 130 million transfer kitty but turned it down. my aim is to win the league in 10 diff countries
also, to raise money i sold my best player to barca for 26 million but the club swallowed most of it leaving me with 4 million... that was so annoying cos i had 4 players planned out with that money. had to settle for one of them and 1 on loan.
yeah i won the league with toulouse in my first season, only signed 1 player on loan, striker willian. the next season i was given about £5m to spend, i bought mousa dembele from spurs who was transfer listed. i also got destro on a free then tomas kalas on loan from chelsea. also had a really low wage budget. it's annoying cause toulouse had a great young team, all i needed was another quality player or 2 but it made the game get a bit boring using the same squad of players. and getting knocked out of the champions league early on, cause my squad wasn't good enough. the season after i'm about 5th in the league, still no money.
Yea basically just by buying youth players and investing into your academy will make your finances stronger in Italy. Done it with my Fiorentina save and I get about 70 mil every season to spend.
just finished my third full season with athletico, finished 3rd in the league and won the europa league (albeit luckily as i had the easiest possible run to the final) only given 5.5 mill to spend and 600k transfer budget. pretty much rules out buying any decent player so had to reply on a few loans again. ive taken some advise and bought a few good young players. hopefully theyl turn into wonderkids and be sold for millions lol.
The way I did it with Swansea was winning the CL twice in a row, which gave me 30+ one season, now they've upgraded the stadium though by 15000 so I 'only' got 11 this year.

My advice sell and over-rated player, three stars yet worth 15+ and you could probably bring in a cheaper, better alternative and keep the money. Don't spend every penny in each window, only when you need to.
Don't spend every penny in each window, only when you need to.

the problem i have is that so far, every season the board has taken +70% of transfer money ive got via player sales and whatever i dont spend they take away or use it for wages etc.

i wish there was an option that sed to the board "i need 2 or 3 players to win the league, give me 50 mill and the title is ours for the next few seasons"