Saif Kureishi

May 9, 2012
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Hey, I was manager for a really big club, chelsea, then got bored so i decided to leave and joined a club in wales. I was able to bring over one of the youth players to wales with me. (he had me as his favorite personel and a 5 star potential) Anyway, he has been a revelation for me getting 10 assists and 10 goals in his first 15 games. Problem is when I go to training it has red arrows pointing down on almost every stat! Is this because of the lower quality of opposition? Also his wages are kinda crippling my finances and every month I lose 100 k overall. My board have been in takeover mode for like 5 months so i can't do anything to stop this loss.

Sorry for the long read. Thanks.
his potential is being ruined by playing in a substandard league at a club with substandard facilities and coaches. it would be best to let him go, especially if he alone is eating away at your budget
okay... *cry cry* its march and hes has a total of 32 goals, and 21 assists, havent lost a game all season only conceded 8 goals. But I understand. Thanks!