Lower league management,


Dec 15, 2008
Just found out about english level 12 database,
im thinking of starting a career and building a dynasty to rival that of wenger and fergie,
but.... Ive never managed that low, is there any advice and tips? And suggestion on team to manage? Is there much difference at that level?

Any advice would be appreciated,


Jan 27, 2013
!If you are not semi-pro/pro club, get that as fast as possible! I haven't managed that low in this years version, so i'm not sure if you ask the board now or just promotions, but its very important that you are able to keep your players on a contract, so they don't leave on a free with an amateur contract!

Financial Tips:
-Promotion as fast a possible for the income.
-No player is bigger than the club. Every player should have a price tag.
-Parent Club as soon as possible for extra income/loan players.
-Keep a wage structure(Don't break this for any player, so you will need to try to offer contracts with enough time to see if the player will be able to fit the structure, if no sell him, because at a low level, he likely is easily replaceable). Keep ~3 key players at a maximum wage (ex 5k) and then have about 11 First team players at say (3k or lower) then rotation players at (2k lower) and backups(1k or lower).
-Youngsters from your own academy can be good! When you are at a low league, you can try to develop some and sell them on later.

Tactical tips:
-A simple 4-4-2, 5-3-2, or a 4-5-1 should work just fine.
-The players aren't that skillful, don't overload their brain with a bunch of instructions/fancy roles(such as f9 which requires lots of skill).
-Don't worry about rounded players (except CM players), just look for position/role specific skills. (example a striker with poacher role you should look for high finishing/dribbling/pace - don't worry if everything else isn't good at the lower levels)
-When you are building a team, start with building from the back. You won't win games if your strikers are excellent but the defense is terrible. The Match Engine will likely screw you if you try to outscore the AI.

If you want more tips (specificly ask questions for more specific tips) just ask me!