Dec 14, 2010
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Okay, so I'm going to try and be as brief as I can but I'll set the scene...

I took over a Spanish B3 team and on my seventh season. Finished 3rd in La Liga last season, my third in the top division. Over the course of those three seasons I have managed to accumilate a pretty talented youth team based up of a few regens from my own setup but it is actually mainly players that I "poached" from those less fortunate. Some of them have excellent potential, the keeper is heralded as the next Gomes (as an Arsenal fan I'm not sure that's a good thing), one of my midfielders could be the next Sebastian Kehl and a striker possibly Djibril Cisse. I also have a hotshot Nigerian eighteen year-old who is banging them in and an eighteen year-old Liberian goalkeeper who has been a full international virtually since he was generated and both players have attracted interest from Real Madird and Barcelona.

Now the problem. At the start of this season around six of those players are too old for my youth team and have bene promoted to my first team. Thanks to some nifty transfer work I offloaded some of the older, less reliable players in my team and two of my youngsters fit straight into my starting eleven without a problem and one is good enough to make several appearances from the bench and provide cover if need be.

This leaves three players, including my Gomes-like goalkeeper, struggling to find a place in the team because they just don't have the ability at the moment to warrant playing even against some of the smaller clubs in the league. Yeah, I can play them in the cup but in Spain that's hardly any game time at all, especially if I get knocked out early. And despite offers from the likes of Hercules, Malaga and Valencia none of the sods will go out on loan!!!!

In other leagues these players go to the reserves. However, because I came from a low Spanish League my "B" team is just a load of greyed-out players and they haven't actually played a game since they played my first team in my first-ever game! I can't even arrange a fixture for them for some reason!

Now, is this a glitch that my B team is unable to play a game or is this because I started in a low league that they're just "non-league" so to speak? There IS a "squad registration" option on the team, so could I buy a load of rubbish, cheap players and stick them in the B team, register them and then have a team that could play matches? Or is this it and I don't have a B team and just have to pick and choose my young talent and then let go the ones that get promoted but won't make an impact for a few years because I can't give them the game time?

I don't pretend to know anything about the editors or whatever but, if I can't get a B team legitimately, could I use an editor to put my B team into a lower league to compete?

Thanks in advance for any help!
See if you can get your board to get you an affiliate club to send your players on loan to. That might work :S

The reason you have no reserve or 2nd team is because it started in an inactive division. I have tested my German DB pretty extensively and I never say a II team promoted from the inactive division, which is really strange. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch.
That's what I figured, the inactive league thing. Find it odd that I can't even arrange fixtures for them though...

I applied for a feeder club and got told that they would have a look for me, then got back and said there was nobody suitable. That's happened twice now, but I'll keep trying I guess.
Send them out on loan, whether via feeder club or not.

B teams in Spain cause more problems than they are worth. I've seen B team managers take charge of first team transfers fror no apparent reason and sell your best players for peanuts, i've seen the B teams of big clubs basically fill adelante and make it impossible for anyone from the 2B divions to progress through the leagues, as well as countless other things.

It's easier to simply loan your youngsters out rather than rely on B team football.
See if I got this right: you do have the B team though not competing in any playable league (quite common for Spain lower clubs).

Your B team is only composed by greyed players? well just put your reserve players there (if you don't want or can't loan them). Even if they won't play "real" matches they should get virtual appearences and stats, and you should be able to keep them while also giving them experience.

In the years your B team could maybe reach segunda B (if the game decides so) and playable leagues. You can't arrange friendlies etc because B teams do have their own manager, so you can give them players but you can't really control them all the way.
Jake, that was my problem. I really want them to go out on loan but they just won't. As I said, I've had some reputable teams like Valencia and Hercules and some less reputable like Elche and Eibar enquire but they always refuse. I've tried for the feeder club but my board keeps drawing a blank when searching for one.

Kandersson, yeah, that's right. Cheers, I'll stick them in there and see what happens then. They had SOME players that weren't greyed out before because on my second season there was some stuff about my B team making transfers but since then, nothing. I didn't really pay it any attention until I needed somewhere to mature my players.
Have you put them on the loan list and offered them to clubs for loan? Doing both of these things will result in more clubs offering and the player being mroe willing to go on loan.
Yeah, done that, offered them out, they're on the loan list and have the "looking forwards to gaining experience from going out on loan" status on their "personal" tab. They just keep refusing to go whenever I offer them around and then accept the offers that come in.

Hopefully just sticking them in the B team will work. If not I'll sell them because they're clogging up my wage bill.