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Sep 4, 2023
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Hey guys, I'm doing a lower league save but can not get a tactic to work and keep conceding goal after goal. Anyone have a good tactic that they can provide a link to that may help me out?
Thanks for the reply, but i have figured out the tactic is less important down there and it have built a team of physical giants and it has had the desired outcome
Keep it simple. Your players aren't good. Dont expect them to do difficult stuff.

Just look at your squad and think about the strengths and weaknesses. Which players are your best players? What kind of players do you have compared to the league? Exploit your strengths and try to mitigate your weaknesses while not making the traffic to complicated.

Without any insights about your team i cant really give more specific advice https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/ .
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In lower league management complex tactical stuff and complex formations do not really work due to the ability levels. Don't expect your wingers and midfielders to be able to play like Messi as it ain't going to happen. If you try fancy tactics you will get 'eaten' alive. A basic 442 will work whilst a formation with a big target man will normally prove to be the best move. Win ugly and leave the fancy stuff until you get higher up the leagues.
In all my FM career saves I have boiled my personal tactics down to a GegenPress high press, high line defending with either 4-2-4 (as seen in the game) although for me it is more of a 4-2-2-2 or I use the tried and tested 4-2-3-1, I approach most matches with a Balanced mentality due to the nature of the Gegenpress now this tactic is most brutal on your players condition but does reap rewards when established and 9/10 if I choose a popular captain with high leadership skills and have most my players with high stamina 11+ and high work rates 11+ with a decent striker and pacey inside forwards/ inverted wingers, you will get goals and results, best form of defence is attack.
With tricky and harder opposition adopt at least a cautious mentality but try not to play too defensive as you will always be on the Backfoot and risk conceding more goals, peppered with shots, and likely to give away more fouls with the opposition being more attacking, save your defensive mentality for when your teams tiring or a good 2-0 up never settle for just 1-0.

9/10 with these styles together no matter what team I am I eventually have some sort of success, I won't lie with some lesser quality teams it is harder to adapt but once it does you will get the best out of all the key players. Let players who want to leave go as it's bad for dressing room morale and that never ends well for a team, always find out the players you can trust you will find these within the 1st half of a season and don't add too many signings unless absolutely necessary, I personally work around free transfers as if you sell them it's 100% profit.