Jan 10, 2012
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Hi all, ive been thinking about making this thread for sometime so here i am.

I am very much into these ''Lower league success stories'' meaning in young players in real life starting their career at smaller lower league clubs and making their way to the top. For example:

Joe Hart started at Shrewsbury Town and now plays for Manchester City and mabe more recently Nick Powell to my dismay (as a Liverpool fan) moved from Crewe Alexandra to Manchester United.

So, what is the point of this thread you may say? Well the aim is for you to post your lower league young stars, so players playing in the lower leagues of countries that have turned into great, worldwide stars or just players that have shined for you if your playing in the top leagues or if your not.

All players must be idealy 21 years or younger (but can accept some very good 22's) and MUST not play in the top division of a country so no Bundesliga, Barclays Premier League, Liga BBVA, Serie A ect.

I will start you off:

nPower Championship - Derby County - Will hughes and Mason Bennet

nPower Championship - Blackburn Rovers - Robbie Cotton

nPower League 2 - Crewe Alexandra - Max Clayton

2. Bundesliga - Hertha Berlin - Pierre Michel Lasogga

2. Bundesliga - Hertha Berlin - Nico Shultz

2. Bundesliga - 1860 Munchen - Sebastien Maier

There you are, 7 lower league players who in my experience turned into to real worldclass stars.

Feel free to post SS, it will make this thread much better and more interesting. Sorry i can't post and SS as im away at the moment and all SS are on my PC not on my laptop but i might post some when i get back.

Have Fun :D