Lower Leagues: Best team to go from BSP or League 2 to CL


Aug 25, 2010
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As the title says!!

Just looking for a team that is strong for it's league, whether BSP or League 2, preferably with good youth prospects. I have always wanted to try out LLM so I have decided to at last!!

Try Southampton , it is the lowest I ever played in England and I was very very surprised what a beautiful team it is. Just a sugestion mate.
+1 on AFC Wimbledon. The SC Danny Kedwell was a top goalscorer for me and I managed to get promoted via the the playoffs first season in.
The problem with becoming a lower league team is yes you can get promoted a few times but as you go up and up the chairman raises his standards if you screw up once your out of the door
I'm really enjoying my Torquay save currently. Made a slow start with my 4-1-3-2 tactic, but were now pushing for the playoffs :)
Liking the first two suggestions! :D :D

Also, Crewe have a decent team and extremely good trainings and youth facilities for League Two! Their facilities wouldn't look out of place in the PL. They have a reputation for good youngsters with the likes of Dean Ashton, David Vaughan, Rob Jones, David Platt, Robbie Savage and Nicky Maynard coming through there.

Voted the 10th best Youth academy in the world here: http://blog.sport.co.uk/Football/732/Top_Ten_Club_Youth_Academies.aspx :O
I just googled that an infact alot of websites rank Crew as the tenth best Youth academy that suprised me
Currently doing a save with AFC Wimbledon and they have some great young players most of them are under 24 and good prospects. im currently 3rd with about 5 games to go!! Crawley and Luton are goin well tho both look gd teams and i kno Crawley have plenty of money!!
Im Crewe now an im top of the league with only 1 loss they have a few good youth players its ont he 1st season