Aug 10, 2009
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I just found this guy his stats are immense for an 18 year old. He's just dismantled two of my last opponents by playing as a trequartista. He adds so much up front and just breezes past everybody else as if its nothing!


Name: Lucas rodrigues Moura da Silva
Club: Sao Paulo
D.O.B: 13.8.1992
Nationality: Brazilian
Position: AM,CM,LW,RW,ST,RM,LM

Dribbling, Flair, Creativity, Pace Acceleration,Technique,Off the ball, pretty good all rounder in attack

Teamwork, strength,jumping,heading,long throws, aggression,balance

He's got a very high potential rating my scout gave him a 4 out of 5 and said he will be better than Arda Turan . I seriously reccomend buying him, an absolute bargain he literally tears other teams to shreds. I manage in the Turkish league, but I can easily say he'd be a starter for a mid level premier league team.
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im a noob here what template :S

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nvm found it :D
looks good, is he a regan? or can you find him in your normal save game?
no he is not a regen. he is in sao paulo without loaded brazilian league. anyone has a screenshoot from future?
He's already mentioned on here. I wouldn't normally say anything, but the live search filter is there for a reason.

On another note, he's really good. Bought him for Arsenal in the first season, but for end of English season. Now have him at Arsenal for the second season and his stats are growing well.
Is this the same Lucas that sombody else posted a bit back?

Anyway, looks like a good player
Signed him on my panathanikos save and has scored 6 in 8 and got 3 MoM awards ^^)

Would definitely recommend buying
No he isn't a regan, and yes 3.6m what a measly amount for such a player :D and yes Im sure you need the Brazilian league in order to find him.
Yeah I bought him for my Malaga team, played him as a LAM and he's been brilliant.
Looks good. Why cant I find Marco Verratti on my game? I have large database?