May 28, 2010
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Hey Im currently arsenal in the first season , and we all know that arsenal need a cb but im really stuck on who to buy : Lucio 32 which is a defenders peak and his physicals are immense and i can get him for 14m and this means i can buy a young cb and play him soon or i buy chiellini for 46m who is amazing and turns out to be the best cb on it ( who isnt regen ) and he is fairly young so he could have 8-10 seasons left in him . HELP WHO SHOULD I BUY
I would buy Lucio and get 2 or 3 seasons out of him and promote a defender from the academy or reserves. But that's just me. Chiellini is sh*t on all my saves.
Lucio. He's still awesome at 36 and turns into a very good coach. Also, every one is scared of him.
Buy Lucio, 46 mill is too much. Also his undoubted experience would help bring on a young team and you could even get him tutoring an academy prospect. Look to sign a 20/21 year old CB with world class credentials for 5-10 mill. 14 mill isn't a lot by FM's standards and it gives any young CB 2-3 yrs to develop.
Yeh cheerz ladz i went for lucio :) thanks for your advice
lucio is great in the past FM i have played. I have never tried Chiellini but Lucio is professional as they come and would recommend him.
Chiellini for me. He's much younger and just as good at the start of the game, if not better.
Get Lucio and maybe Phil Jones as his direct replacement?

I wouldn't really say Arsenal need a centre back though. Squilaci(sp) is decent enough for the first season next to Vermaelen. Djourou and Kosniecly turn out into great defenders, Djourou especially. I would personally look into a goalkeeper.
get Chiellini. he is more agressive in defending. look at that tackle he does in reality. HE BROKE RVP'S ankle last year :(

i prefer Chiellini. but know what, in fm data base, arsenals cb's are not bad. look, i won the champs league, fa, carling, super cup and fifa club championship, and now baryen munich and intermilan are chasing Djourou and Kosniecly. Kosniecly is no a french team regular in the game.

i suggest u to go for a gk, like joe hart or hugo llioris, and sell alumia and (if u want) flapps. but remember, just ahev one star gk, and one averager young gk in ur squad. if u have two star gk, its a problem.