M.U tactic with strikers scored most


Jun 16, 2014
Hi all,
Inspired by "Fun Football" tactic in FM14, I have come up with my Diamond tactic for M.U, with the striker and attacking middle fielder scored most. Here are some pictures of mine:

This is the overview of my tactic and some matches :D
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I just have a ELP Championship for the first season, and lost only 1 game, because my central middle fielder was injured at the end of the year. However, the most surprising is the statistic here

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As you can see, my men took most of the award
Many people tend to get Rooney out of the team, but in my tactic, he's among the best, and the most scorer, after him is Falcao.

Here are some tips:
1. M.U has many flexible middle fielder, but they're just accomplished, not the best. So I've got Lucas Romero to be my BBM because he has "Dictate Tempo" PPM. And you need to get another CM, who has "Likes to Switch Ball To Other Flanks" PPM, and he can contribute ball for the 2 flanks to attack.

2. You need fast WB. In my game, I used Rafael and Luke Shaw, however, I'm likely to use Balenziaga more than Shaw, because he's better at crossing, and less likely to get injury.

However, this is my first work piece, and I tried to build many feature, even the set pieces, corner; but I've ruined the powerful set pieces and corner :( (Rooney and Falcao also scored many with set pieces and corner before I changed them; after all, they didn't scored as many as they used to). Hope somebody can improve the set pieces and corner :D

Finally, my tactic :D