Mac fm2011 help - where to copy updates to etc


Feb 10, 2011
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Hi all, first post here so please be gentle!

Ive recently moved from PC to Mac and fm2011 is the first game ive installed on it - in the past ive always been able to add facepacks/updates/patches etc when playing on PC but i must now be copying the files to the wrong folders on the Mac :

Could anyone be kind enough to tell me exactly where to extract the following to, as ive got a patch, background pack, and a transfer update all downloaded and extracted but none show up when i start a new game (11.0 still shows at the top etc)


Background pack

Transfer Update


Many thanks for your time guys, its just frustrating the life outta me :)
There should never be a need to extract a patch.

If you download the correct version of the patch, ie the mac one, it should self install AFAIK.

As for the other things, i'm a mac novice so can't provide any info.
When you download things like transfer updates etc you don't extract them, you unzip them which can be done by double clicking them.

Patch You put the patch in the editor data folder once you have unzipped and then open FM and tick change when starting a new game then tick patch

Background Pack, Skins Both of them aren't compatible with Mac i'm afraid

Transfer Update Same as Patch

Any more questions VM or PM me ;)