Mac Users/ Sorting out graphic issues.


May 22, 2009
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After downloading the megafacepack and mega metalic logo pack i extracted everything to

applications/Sports interactive/fm11/data/graphics

now this worked almost perfectly, but has also been rather irritating because i lost the player kits on the tactics window and after getting logos i had them all working except national teams flags and portugal league logos. after spending a good week trying to sort this all out i have managed it and it seems really stupid. having overlooked the fact that their is another sports interactive folder (never noticed it in documents before) i moved my graphics folder over into here and walah.

so basically after checking all the xml files and thinking i had it in the right place there are two sports interactive folders. (this is also why tactics and trainings have never worked for me i guess)

so make sure you have it in :

user/documents/sports interactive/football manager 11/(create a graphics folder)/...facepack or logos or kits folders here to help organize and your away. :)
I have a mac and it is really irritating cos its impossible to make kits using photoshop, so mac isnt good with fm