MacBook Pro vs. MacBook Air


Apr 14, 2013
As the title suggests, I am wondering what the differences are between the two, apart from the obvious which is the appearance and weight.

I've just read this article: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which Apple Notebook to Choose - Mac Rumors which suggests that the MBP is faster than the MBA. But can someone actually tell me if this is the case? Because the two I'm looking at here Configure - Apple Store (UK) and here Configure - Apple Store (UK), the MBA has an i7, more battery life and is lighter. Doesn't an i7 mean it will run quicker than a MBP with an i5?

What am I actually paying for in the MBP, is it just the retina display? Does it make that much difference?

The only games i'll be playing are FM and Civ V, other than that the other uses will be Photoshop and a few other Adobe programs and music production such as FL Studio or Reason.

Any help much appreciated.

Edit: The MBA was being upgraded to the i7 and 8GB of RAM if it's worth it.


Jul 4, 2009
The Macbook Air is thinner, however less powerful. Yhe air is meant for web browsing and long battery life. The pro is more appropiate for Adobe programs, music production and games. They both offer very poor value for money and you are better of getting a pc from a windows-based manufacturer for the same price. If you did, you can get a similar looking laptop for £300-500 less.