Macclesfield - Defensive or Offensive Approach


Dec 19, 2010
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Yea I'm managing Macclesfield atm and I was wondering if I should use a Defensive - Counter attack based tactic (Lol Serie A) to get results or an offensive strategy
What area of your team is strongest? Attack or Defence?
Do you want to win matches and make a promotion charge or happy with drawing away from home?
Would you rely on your attack to score goals when needed? Or rely on your defence to stay strong when called upon?
I want to make a promotion charge and my attack is fine my defense is weak and my midfield is wishy washy

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come on lads i need help
Macclesfield's media prediction is 22nd, so they obviously don't have the squad to challenge for promotion, so I'd go for counter attacking football.

What signings have you made?
Use Counter Attack- Make sure you have strong defenders who can soak in pressure and a striker/winger who has a good amount of pace & fitness, to break away.
Well I got Ruben Cevera (Free)
Ivan Romero (Free)
Vanterpool (Free)
Francis Laurent (Free)
Terry Dixon (England Trialists) (Free)
And Martin Ruben (Free)

Midfield don't see too promising and is a standard 433 diamond good or are wingers a must
You can get James Collins on loan from Villa, and Ben Pringle on loan from Derby.

You could also try Arnuad Mendy (Derby reserves)
I'll try getting Pringle but anything will do the squad morale's down after a 3-0 smashing from Chesterfield :(