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Mar 8, 2006
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Romanov launches Old Firm tirade

Romanov is no stranger to controversy
Hearts majority shareholder Vladimir Romanov has accused the Old Firm of Rangers and Celtic of "buying off" referees and players in Scotland.
"They buy off players and referees," Romanov told Russian magazine Futbol.

"If two opponents are equally matched then the referees can have a real influence on the outcome."

But Celtic chairman Brian Quinn told BBC Radio Four: "I think it is absurd. Absolutely ridiculous. If he is saying this I will take legal advice on this."

And he added on the Today programme: "The Scottish Football Association will clearly take a clear view of this."

Romanov is currently involved in a legal dispute with the SFA after he appealed a fine for accusing Scottish referees of bias last season.

And he added of the Old Firm: "They have turned football into a type of showbusiness with their underhand games.

Romanov has an interest in Lithuanian side FC Kaunas.

And the controversial figure continued: "Celtic and Rangers? Even Kaunas are a match for them on the pitch."

wtf is this guy all about :irked: lol!
Ref's are biast towards the old firm evern if you are too stuborn to accept it but what he is saying there is just stupid.
yea u could say ref's favour the Old Firm. As a Rangers fan i could say referees are against us lol
but i think the refereeing in the SPL is just poor tbh.

I was at the killie game the other week & the ref (Dougie McDonald) was really poor. his poor decisions when against both teams. We got a penalty for nothing but we also had a goal disallowed that was clearly on side.

Thats just refereeing we're always going to be complaining about poor decisions.
Ref's in Scotland are a joke a disaster infact. Bring back Willie Young :rolleyes:
refs r pish in spl bt the old firm dont bribe tham lol, neither do they bribe players lol