Made a Team!!??

Apr 19, 2009
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hey i hope this is in the right place!!
i made my local team on fm 11, through the editor.
i put them in one of the lower leagues and made their crest and jerseys and everything.
my problem is that my jerseys wont appear on the information screen.
they are just jerseys from other kits that i slightly modded to suit my team (photoshop).
i made the config file for them through fm guru but nothing is happening still!!!
anyone help?
and what do ya think of the jerseys??
heres my jerseys

and my config file looks like this!!!
<!-- resource manager options -->

<!-- dont preload anything in this folder -->
<boolean id="preload" value="false"/>

<!-- turn off auto mapping -->
<boolean id="amap" value="false"/>

<!-- logo mappings -->
<!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions
in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any
place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics
files from the correct places

<!-- List generated by FM Graphics Guru, by NabaDwA-->
<list id="maps">
<record from="Away" to="graphics/pictures/team/2062002128/kits/away"/>
<record from="Home" to="graphics/pictures/team/2062002128/kits/home"/>
<record from="Third" to="graphics/pictures/team/2062002128/kits/third"/>
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sponsor is in different places.......but they are ok

besides sorry m8 cant help u
Can you tell me how did you make your local team? im trying to do the same for my junior football club