Who should "The Messiah" sign for ?

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Jan 25, 2011
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Sky Sports News sources have reported that two big name Spanish clubs have made an approach towards an unnamed English manager who is rumored to be known as "The Messiah".

The two clubs believed to be none other than Madrid rivals Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid have openly commented on the situation that has become known to the footballing world in the last 48 hours confirming there interest in the English manager.

For now, all we have is a quote from the unknown managers agent saying,

"My client has had two very appealing offers from two of the biggest clubs in Spain and is currently home in England considering where he see's his future based for the next few years"

So the questions remain......

Who is this man known to be "The Messiah" ? Can he live up to his reputation in Spain wherever it may be?
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Dont be Atletico! I only just had my poll finish to start as them! Nah i dont mind if you are them would be interesting to see the differences between our teams
One day left for voters to have there say about the destination of "The Messiah". An unknown source has leaked information which suggests that a move to Real Madrid is looking very likely for this unknown English manager but maybe there is no truth behind this rumour and there could still be a surprising U-Turn yet ?

We have recieved a quote from the managers agent which included the following,

"My client is heading towards the making of his decision and has informed the two clubs he will have made his final decision by 7:00PM Tuesday evening".
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"The Messiah Arrives"

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Sky Sports News can finally confirm that the identity of the unknown manager known only as "The Messiah" is a 24 year old English manager Rowan Bromley. The 24 year old is originally from Skelmersdale located in England but has been living in London for the past 3 years working closely with the background staff of Arsenal F.C and has today put pen to paper on a 3 year contract at Real Madrid to become the new manager of the Spanish giants who had to fight of close rivals Atletico for the managers signature.

"We are delighted that we can officially announce that Rowan Bromley has become the new manager of the club and we are looking forward to the future and the direction that he can take this club to once again make it the biggest club in world football"

We also have a direct quote from the manager himself from the press interview he faced on arrival at the club.

" I would like to begin by thanking both clubs for the hospitality they shown to me and my agent whilst negotiations where ongoing, but my decision has lead me to Real Madrid. It is such a fantastic club and the historics behind the club are amazing and i feel that under my management i can guide this club to great success once again. I also understand that i am a young manager and there maybe people who doubt the decision by the club to hire such a young manager but i can assure everybody that i will give my all to this club and i promised success to the chairman who was very supportive to me and i have no doubts in the success i will bring to this club "

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For everybody who wishes to follow my story, I will be creating the official thread for this story at 7:00 PM tonight :)