Major Soccer League's Feeder Club


Nov 13, 2005
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1) Chicago Fire ( e.v 46.5m euro )
2) CD Chivas USA ( e.v 34m euro )
3) Colorado Rapids ( e.v 47.5m euro )
4) Columbus Crew ( e.v 36.5m euro )
5) D.C United ( e.v 25.5m euro )
6) F.C Dallas ( e.v 43.5m euro )
7) Kansas City Wizard ( e.v 24m euro )
8) Los Angeles Galaxy ( e.v 77m euro )
9) New England Revolution ( e.v 23m euro )
10) New York Red Bulls ( e.v 83m euro )
11) Real Salt Lake ( e.v 28.5m euro )

Which above Major Soccer League club is more worth to be real madrid Financial Benefits feeder club?

update estimate value for each club
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Probably D.C. United or FC Dallas.

I'd go with D.C as they have better support because of a certain wonderkid from Ghana.
I think thats who Adu plays for as well you know... :p

I'd probably say DC Utd as well. Or NY Red bulls cos theyve got a cool name...
question : will city affected merchandise sales? washington or new york better?
i guess is unlikely we dont know freddy adu right ? most famous player in major soccer league :D
lol I don't know if it will affect it to be honest, but I think DC are the bigger club
Just pick the club with the best media prediction :)
kris , there are no media prediction for those club