Makaveli Final Tactic


Nov 4, 2011

Makaveli Final Tactic

hi guys, first sorry for my English ... After much hit the head, managed to create a good tactic in this final phase of FM 2014 ..
the tactic is a very consistent 4-5-1 that can get great results, I think it can work with small and large teams, provided you have a good combination of training, speaking training fm 2014 this was one thing that gave me many problems , so I do not ever change and choose the one that gives me the best results, the tactic is still at an early stage will try to improve but it is already very good .. So people wanted to test ...
I tried all kinds of training but not the consistency that tactic needs..
Here's what gives me better results

View attachment 338561


View attachment 338557

Here some results

View attachment 338551View attachment 338550View attachment 338549View attachment 338548View attachment 338547View attachment 338546View attachment 338545View attachment 338544View attachment 338543View attachment 338542View attachment 338553View attachment 338511


View attachment 338524View attachment 338523View attachment 338522View attachment 338521View attachment 338520View attachment 338519View attachment 338518View attachment 338517View attachment 338516View attachment 338516View attachment 338515View attachment 338514View attachment 338513View attachment 338512

Let's get to work;)

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