Make your clubs skin EASILY!

JP Woody

Jan 11, 2009
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OK guys,if you want to here is a very easy way to make your favorite teams skin with minimal effort.

Choose a downloaded skin.Go to: Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2009>Skins>The Skin your editing>Graphics>Backgrounds. There you will see the background picture,usually called default.

Now go on google and search for wallpapers and pictures of your favorite team,find one you like (i recommend a dark coloured one if possible) get it as big as possible and save it.Now open your pictures and drag it to the backgrounds overwriting the default,it must be called the same as the picture your replacing.

Now go to your FM09 game load the edited skin.

This will work on any skin you like quite easily,here ive edited the turnstyle skin.
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Nice one mate :), any chance of doing this on the original or any more FM Skins ?​
Well thats logical,which one is wembley? you can delete any background you dont like as long as you name the replacement picture the same number as the one you deleted and remember when selecting on the game it will still be called by the one you replaced,wembley sky etc.
can you just add pictures to the background folder in a skin file then? im having real problems loading any type of downloaded skinm


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can anyone help me ? im starting to get well annoyed?!?
Ive tried this with the dds09 skin and it works on there too,quickly and easily made a Inter Skin.

Stokesy,what exactly is the probleem mate? ill try and help you.
mate i have downloaded loads of skins, how do i post a screen shot and ill show you?
Click post reply at the botttom of the last post,click the paperclip icon then upload your screenshot.
basicaly i created a file called skins, then downloaded my turnstyle skin and moved it across into this file. Now the skins file is located in the fm 2009 file and i cant see what im doing wrong

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is it because that i dont use it from documents but from my c drive?
Ok delete what you have done,we'll start again.

1.Download your skin to your desktop

2.Using winrar click extract here,this will put your file on your desktop.

3.Now click Documents>sports interactive>FM09>skins (actually click open the skins file) drag and drop your new skin into the file.

5.Go to the game and click prefrences display and sound your skin should be there.

6.Untick use skin cache and tick always re load skin on confirm.
i did that last night mate, but still nothing, whats doing my tree in is i have loaded player faces and logos!!!!!!!