Making a Celtic League - Scotland, Ireland, N.Ireland and wales merge


May 13, 2018
Looking for some pointers on where to start or if someone would like a project! basically I would like the league working like so:

One Celtic Super league made up of teams from the 4 four nations
16 teams compete
Relegation back to the national league - 4 teams
top 4 from the national leagues of scotland, ire, n.ire & wales go into a seeded draw of 16 playing for 4 promotion places
Each country to still have its own FA cups & league cups with super league teams competing.
Not sure how the European qualification could work:
Be good if it was possible to have domestic cup winners qualify for europe
Possibly using the weakest league as a base to set-up then stripping them of European football but amending the prize money to compensate. Probably use the welsh league for this.

the idea is to make a league that could compete with say the Portuguese & dutch leagues, attracting decent players from england and the rest of the world. Any feedback apprecieted!


Dec 14, 2010
Most of the top Welsh clubs already play in the English system, Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham, Newport, Colwyn Bay etc. So you'd have to move them. Though I think the gulf between the teams would be too big. You might as well move Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool into Natonal league 2 and youd have a similar result.