Dec 27, 2010
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Hello little Mourinhos,

I am new to the game and I wonder how to make a player captain ? I have found no options in tatctics screen or elsewhere. :S

I appreciate your help (K)

wolfen 2000 8-|
when your on the tactics screen, it is in the same bit as penalty taker, free kick taker etc then you can just drag and drop like the set piece ones

P.S i dont mean the set piece creator
Go on tactics then there is a tab that says formation and click on it then a list should come up and on one says captains so click that then walla !

go to your squad list and click on the tactics tab, then click on the tab on the right half of the screen saying player instructions. You then click capatains and finally drag the players you eant to be captian and vice. in some cases changes your capain can change morale but i have never experianced this. make sure you choose a player who has great experience and a high attribute for influence
tactics screen then open formation box and one of the dropdowns says captains