Mar 24, 2020
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I am looking for some advice on how to put a future transfer through using the editor.

How do I keep players at their clubs for the first season and then transfer them in the summer?

Hoping you can help me out.

I'll go first. Happen to me on my recent save with Chelsea where after offloading half my high wage mediocre ability defence I was trying to sign Joules Kounde. I displayed interest in him half way through my first season, kept attending his games, praising him in the media, basically being a massive ******** intent on unsettling this young black man who is great with balls at this feet. Joules goes from somewhat interested in playing for a 40 year old bald-man to the will-he won't-he territory. I know he wants me.

Come summer I declare him my top target and get Thiago Silva (his idol) to praise the **** out of him and play the honey trap to get this young frenchman to London. Allegri (Sevilla manager somehow? Julian, I though things were finally going well?) really ******* hates me at this point of time. Sevilla won't even sell me any of their other players. Like a divorced couple, they refuse to let me see their kids. It's the EUROs in the summer and Kounde now wants me like a bear wants honey, he even admits it in the media. I ask his agent about his valuation at this point its 73 million. Okay let's get real, 70 million + 10 mil in incentives. Rejected. Now worries, its probably because pathetic Allegri has a hate ***** for me, okay 70mil + 20 mil incentives. Rejected. Now I'm starting to get ******, I look for other players, but the gap this young black man with 5 star potential has created in my heart is too massive. Okay Sevilla need a left back. 70mil + 20 mil incentives + Alonso. Rejected.

I keep this charade on for three whole months, I refuse to budge, I need this man. Jules want it too, he's gone as far as to submit a transfer request. We're all the media can talk about. I can't back down, 70 mil + 27 mil in incentives + Emerson (I decided to retrain Alonso as a strike for some reason). Accepted.

I couldn't believe it. It was finally happening. Jules and I were finally going to be together. We were gonna win the premier league. We were gonna get revenge on PSG for trashing us 9-2 in the champions league semi-final. Jules knows French, he could probably wage mental warfare on them redtube. But alas, great love stories are not meant to happen. Looks like Roman thinks we're overpaying for Jules. I can't accept this. "Roman" I say, "I need this transfer to meet the goals the board has outlined for me." He rejects it. "We don't believe this player's valuation exceeds 73 Euro millions, and thus refuse to sanction this transfer." Did this man not hear me mention Jules is French? Okay, I need to raise the stakes. "Roman, if the board refuses to sanction this transfer I'm afraid I will be unable to continue my job at this club." Roman sees my great sacrifice, it fills his eyes with tears. He's human after all. "Go get him" he says as he signs me a check for the transfer.

This is it, Jules we can finally talk. I'll make you my starter. 10 mil sining bonus. 5 years with 15% wage rise. I'll make you the richest player at the club. Let's negotiate a contract!

"My client does not want to discuss terms with your club as he has already made a decision to join Real Madrid."

What? This can't be happening. I need more details, I refuse to accept this reality. 'Real Madrid agree deal 73 million Euros deal with Sevilla'. 73? Seventy-*******-three? I need to do something, anything to stop this transfer. But its too late. Jules is gone, he's joining them this January. Fine, maybe I can convince you to join me in the future. I click Jules' contract, looks like it hasn't updated yet, still the Sevilla contract. Then I see it. It was there all along wasn't it. That unholy number. Somehow my scouts didn't care to mention it. Why do I even pay them? But I could see it now. It was the only thing I could see.
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