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Making Scottish clubs bigger


Mar 12, 2009
I am about to start a new save in the scottish premier league as aberdeen and was wandering if anyone had had any success with any scottish club (other than celtic) at making them the biggest club in scotland and getting into the champions league consistantly and if so how did you go about it. thanks.


May 14, 2012
I done it with Rangers as thats the team I support, although maybe not as hard due to fan base etc but the finances are ****** awful so I set out from day one to make as much profit as I can to quickly challenge Celtic for the title, Started off by getting rid of deadwood which was really most of the team then i went for loan signings and young Scottish talent, got into the champions league group stage in my third season, not even close to competing with europe yet but im growing and still making profit from player sales etc. Only way to make money in scotland as the sponsorship's are about 40p.
Jan 12, 2012
Aberdeen on 14!

I managed to sneak past Celtic to win the league Year 1 so that was a huge boost. Ryan Jack turned into an absolute animal in the middle of the park and a few decent signings had us make the Champions League group stage. Competed in the Europa League for a few years after that, 2 finals in 3 years but lost them both. Ended up losing the save in 2017, never conquered Europe but had Scotland.

Mainly looked for smart signings, after a league win then you can grab players from around Scotland easily and you will become financially sounder - sold on a few for profits too and from there you get freedom with wages and with that you can bring in some decent talents.