Making this DM to a wingback? And a little tactic advice.


Jun 2, 2013
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Im using wigan now on 6th season, i won EPL 2 times and UCL 1 time..

Wingback/FB which is great at Defense and offense are really hard to find, even regens.. I have wallace, though performing well, still doesnt cut what i want.. i have wallace for 4 years now, his contract will end next summer, and im not too keen of keeping him after this year. I have my 1st choice DM, he's actually the 2nd most valued player in the world at 37.5m euro..

Wesley has attributes for a perfect sergio busquet type (which the role i use him), but now, i have noticed, he would be such a great Wingback.. Here he is

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I currently having success, but i kinda, you know, try something new next year, ive been stuck with my tactic for 3-4 years, i want to use some inside forwards next year.. Im currently on course of winning EPL..using high possession attacking tactic..

this is my current tactic
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Im thinking, if wesley will be retrain as a WB, i would ditch the DM position and make something like this...

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Is this a good formation for a possession game? i want my wingbacks to be involve in build up plays, Inside forward cutting in, and the wingbacks would hug the line.. is that good?.. It looks like a weird formation..

Great Wingbacks are so hard to find... If my proposed tactic would be a bad idea, but Wesley retraining to Wingback is good, i would just find another DM, DM are easy to find.
Maybe change the player role at right wing back to wing back(defend) as this role would suit him better due to his defence stats
Got a similar tactic with my Brighton save but play 2 dm instead of 2 cm. think you change the bbm midfielder for a dlp. Set everyone to short passing except dlp and ap. also encourage the inside forwards to take less long shots. This has worked for me getting 60-70% possession against most teams!
@henry - he's probably a beast in defense. But his offensive game cant be ignore. And in my current tactic, wingbacks dont hug the line, they are set to normal, sometimes they cut, sometimes hug. I got my WBR and WBL scoring 5-7 goals a season with them cutting inside and beating the offside, being in 1 on 1 chances, it just that their finishing isnt that high so cost me a lot of goals.

@mwest - can i see the tactic?... my BBM was a DLP 2 years ago, but i changed it because Goretzka looks better playing BBM, random runs with defensive duties. Also, i want most of my assists coming from my AP ( who currently 27 assists in 36 games this season)...

I have a lot of 1st team player who has 17+ in long shots, but i made them rarely to shoot from outside, i even sold Shelvey (back up BBM,BWM and AP) because he cant untrained his Shoot from outside (trained him about 7 times).. I also always have 60-75% of possession.

Others' opinion about retraining my DM is still welcome, i still cant decide, im playing him right now in WBR against lower opponents, playing good, even if he cant play the position. But he still doesnt give what my WBL gives me.. Maybe because he is on red zone that he cant perform that good.
Next time I'm on my pc ill show you my 4-1-2-1-2 tactic which might help you improve yours. I have won the champions league3 times and europa league once in 6 years I think off the top of my head and the league and cup every year.