Apr 5, 2012
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I'm sure others have experienced a similar thing. I am in my 3rd season with Man Utd, and Man City went first two seasons only losing 1 game and a quarter way through their third season haven't dropped a game. They win most games by 3 or 4 goals. And I see they have a transfer for budget of eg:20mil but they go out and spend 80+mil. So add GOTZE, ERIKSEN, TIOTE, WIJNALDUM, FELLAINI, DEDE, HAMSIK, PANTILIMON and some how keeps everyone happy. They are a good team who have won 1 title, their rep and rating is over rated.
I'm in 2024 in my save and they haven't won the EPL yet. But they do spend about £100m on transfers every year!
In my Man Utd save i won 13 years in a row and City were poor, City have a very poor overall squad with a lot deadwood on high wages and no youth coming through, if anything the teams that are too good are Arsenal (Giroud) and Tottenham always get amazing (just spent £11omillion in my 4th year as Man City)
Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham are the three that tend to buy the best players for me, United usually have a lot of young players and City/Chelsea just buy everything but end up poor.
In my Arsenal save City has been disappointing 3 seasons in, never winning anything despite buying Neymar and Thiago. However United have been extremely dominant in the 1st and 3rd seasons, and they bought a lot of the players you mentioned, Hamsik, Dede, Gotze to name a few.
In my save as Chelsea, they are always very strong. start slow and build a head of steam. Saying that though, in the 5th season they dropped off and Tottenham took their place as title-challengers. City are always the most challenging team to beat though in a match in my opinion, class everywhere, especially with Toure and Fellaini in CM.
in 2024 in my save and city are the second best team on the game probally have been for a long time now
Yep, Arsenal are starting to really pick up the pace in my 3rd season. Andy Carrol scored most goals in the league with 29 in the last season. Giroud had 16 and Podolski 14. But Giroud seemed to just kill it. All the traditional successful teams like Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal are all not dropping games until the play each other.
City seem to do very well as they are a club with a lot of potential (money, owner, facilities etc.) but the team that always seems to be fantastic are Tottenham. They always improve massively and become Champions League contenders.
It varies each game for me to be honest. There is only one real trend I've found in most of my games, and that is Spurs never finish outside the top four. Can't remember it happening anyway.