Man City protest over Barton card

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Aug 23, 2006
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Man City appeal against Joey Barton's sending-off on Saturday, meaning he will be available to face Sheffield United on Boxing Day.

Terrible tackle and fully deserving of a red card. I know its a cliche but tackles like that do end careers, and it aint as if Barton hasnt got ANY previous.......
Absolute bollocks, the tackle wasnt even that bad its just the faact he jumped in the air which got him sent off, but he had to do that to get the ball, was a foul, and probably a red card because of the erm..."style" of the tackle though.

and reputation shouldnt matter remember, especially off the pitch.
all the force was going downwards into the ground so he wouldnt have been able to end the players career. the tackle was just out of frustration, not malice.
Malice or not it was a **** tackle. He was nowhere near the ball and why put your force downwards if the balls not there? You go in with both feet first you get sent off. Fact.

And reputations do matter, whether on the pitch or not. Roy Keane, Duncan Ferguson, Vinnie Jones, Neil Ruddock etc etc. Their reputations preceeded them, and Bartons always will.
Yeh they do, but shouldn't and you made the point of mentioning the players past in your original post.