Man Sells Everything He Owns On EBay!


Sep 15, 2005
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Looks like someone's been gambling, not sure what he's done to get in all of that debt but oh dear oh dear.
lol, I think hes in debt and selling all electronic expensive goods (mostly) for a lot of money.
Yeah no way is there 22k worth of stuff there. But that is cool, howdya find that!
Someone told me on msn, plus it's been on BBC News, Yahoo News, Century FM etc....
I bet that none of those are serious bids though.

That stuffs probably worth £7k tops.
I hate people who create unfunny auctions for attention.
If it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Some great stuff there, that plasma screen is amazing.
Yes but you can buy a Plasma screen seperately for a fraction of the cost! And who the **** needs a 42" plasma screen? My parents TV is 32" and thats plenty big enough, im not watching from across the road! Im in the same **** room!
Gregor said:
I hate people who create unfunny auctions for attention.
I reckon this one is real, even if it wasn't I think he has gone too far to turn back now.
I'm sure Heat snapped him up for an exclusive story :)
Lol there is no point selling absolutely everything he can keep his clothes and the phone, even his carpet ! >_>