Dec 8, 2009
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Is there anybody here who ever got Man U debt free??
im in season 3 and the finance is under tight control but debt free, I reckon that is a million miles away!
I think I remember seeing someone saying that the Debt get's cleared in 2028 or something like that
If you can keep them competitive, it clears by august of 2016.

P.S. Keep competitive means win leagues and have good european positions.
i'm in 2015 and they are looking good, i have won the league and champions league twice, i have 130mill for transfers and i am 1.3 mill under wage budget, am not cheating either, every month i am still making a loss of 6 or 7 mill though!!!
If you think that's tough, try getting Deportivo in the clear

Or taking a small team from a low division and make them competitive and debt free. Not doing so well with Alcorcon.

Newcastle debt was cleared by 2023 I think, but then went 150 million in debt when they build a new 77K stadium. So debt for another 10 years. Good thing I make like 330 million in profit a year so after that 150 million is paid I will be in debt free.
In FM10, their debts didn't clear 'til around 2035, but the money you got from sponsorships, season tickets, prize money etc meant that your finances were always great.

I think in this version the debts clear after about six seasons, but they often get taken over by a tycoon.

I'm United now. Debt free, and the income is ridiculous.