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Jan 9, 2011
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Hey guys

I've been using my own 4-2-3-1 with man utd since the release of the game and my tactic has been consistently inconsistent even as the ME has been updated alot since way back. So i thought i'll start from scratch again and get some help from you guys too. I know i could easily download a tactic from here and tweak it but tbh it doesnt sit too right with me personally.

The Squad

The squad shall be the same from the start. only departures will be anderson and young. maybe cleverly if spurs make a ridiculous offer for him again (got offered 32m for him once!!! even though i like him itd be crazier to not sell).

Ins; I usuall buy sandro as we do need a destroyer in the mid and i can get him usually for 20 max. also tend to gotze recently as youngs replacement and another midfield pass master if i sell cleverly.

The Tactic

I want the tactic to be with the flat two mids in the cm positions.

The Tactic/player roles

GK - default setting can't really complain

FBs - i want the full backs to support the attack and the defense. Was thinking of FB-S against weaker teams and auto or defend against strong teams.

DCs - now again i usually leave them as default role but have noticed that they are getting out of position to close down players. although i have changed their closing down settings to own area i can still see it happening so help on that would be much appreciated.

MCr - i usually have the mcr as cm-d as i have read it keeps the shape more of the team and that by using bwm when the player runs around closing down players it can be the cause for the defenders to get out of their positions.

MCl- this players is my dlp-s. usually play carrick or scholes here even hamsik when im done unsettling him. was thinking this role to be basically similar to the alonso role at madrid.

AMr- usually set to winger-attack. i want this player to provide the width and its usually where valencia has been most effective in my old save. Also been told Gotze is effective here.

AMc- is set to attacking midfielder-support. usually play rooney and kagawa here. gotten the best out of rvp with help to this. i basically want this player to stay in the hole when attacking,spray the ball around also provide through balls.

AMl- he's my inside forward set to attack. well cant say much beside want this guy to cut in, usually play nani here (sometimes kagawa too,played pretty well there).

ST - Set as CF-attack with RVP or Rooney playing there. Changed to poacher for chich or even welbz.

I would like the MCs to do similar to what khedira and alonso do.

Team instructions
want the team to be defensively solid effecient in attack. im not one for possession play. id rather have my team similar as to how united played at the beginning of last season. quick short intricate passing. so i was thinking:


short passing
more disciplined
press more
more aggressive tackling
zonal marking
default crossing (change to drill when im playing the poachers)
and stick to position (maybe letting the winger and if to roam more but not sure atm)

from the sliders i will probably only change tempo to increase it a tad if isnt right and maybe the width.

Btw i dont expect this to be a plug and play just a good solid foundation