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Man Utd 4231 Tactic not working


Jul 11, 2016
Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to this game so I am not really great at it, which is why I am posting here. Here are screenshots of my squad, instructions and my record so far:
View attachment 138443View attachment 138442View attachment 138441'
As you can see, my record isn't good at all. Furthermore, as you can see from my record, I am not scoring many goals either and am conceding a lot too. Could any of you guys help me identify with what I am doing wrong with the tactics? I also have a back up tactic for tough away games but this one is the one I use most. I would really appreciate some feedback/help. Thanks!


Jul 29, 2016
Play with two wingers instead of IF. Change your BWM to Anchorman (D). Place the anchorman on which ever side that the fullback is on Attack to provide cover. Play with an advanced forward. The complete striker will be too close to the AM.


Jun 12, 2010
Heres a few notes that I think is not necessarily thought out properly in this setup.

1st - Unbalanced defense. You have your attacking full back and your stopper on the same side of the pitch, which can potentially leave openings on your left side of defense and opponent wingers will use this to their advantage. Are you conceding most of your goals through your left side or after a cross from the left side? How I would sort it out however, would be to have both defenders as Central Defenders with Defend and both full backs on support, and tweak both individual settings so that they still move up higher on the pitch whenever in possession and provide the overlap option you seek.

2nd - It seems like you've tried to make a possession based tactic, yet you will sit deep with your defense while you want your players to close down high up the pitch. This way u end up having bigger gap between midfield and defense and therefore more space in which your opponent can operate. Also ur defenders will then push up into this huge space left in front of them because of your close down setting, which greates more gaps in your defensive line and your left side due to 1st point I made. Mainly the question is what you want to achieve? How you want your team to play? Once I know this, I can provide more ideas as to what you should do.

3rd - Mr. TheFoz92 suggested using 2 wingers, yet it doesnt make sense if you want to look for an overlap. A Winger is essentially a man who offers width and his main idea will be to get to byline and give a cross out, he will not be as direct towards middle of the pitch as an Inside Forward will be and therefore if you want your fullbacks to overlap, they will essentially be your wingers in attacking situations, which means u wont need 2 players on both flanks to provide same job. Therefore keep both as Inside forwards and let them roam & cut inside and let the fullbacks be your width option. Then again, it depends again how you want your team to play as I asked above.

Answer my questions and I will provide more ideas.