May 19, 2012
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in january of the 1st season since the patch nani has been performing awfully so sold him to arsenal for 23.5 million got 21 million to spend need someone who can come straight into 1st team and perform needs to be an inside forward type instead of a winger so no gaitan or greizemann any suggestions?
Gotze,Neymar,Welington Nem,Stoch,Ben Arfa,Lamela,Insigne
Why do they have to be inside forward?

Tweak your tactic to allow for Bale. He is a monster...

But if it HAS to be IF, then maybe invest in Neymar, Muniain, Coutinho, Insigne..

Bale is the best AML winger on the game though.
thanks for the suggestion neymar & muniain are out of my price range with only 21 mill to spend ill look at coutinho or insigne and it has to be inside forward because ive got valencia & chamberlain on the right who are brilliant wingers
i ended up signing insigne after 1 & a half season he is putting some world class performances in now schurrle was an option just insigne had consistency as 1 of his strengths so i went for him
Eden Hazard if you can get him. Best winger/IF i've had in fm13
i managed to get him on a bosman but he was consistently awful for me
keep on playing him he will develop into a good player give him ppm runs with ball down left flank and he will get alot better on left wing