Jan 19, 2013
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A few weeks from starting my second season. Im running a flat 4-4-2. Lead me to PL victory, as well as winning the champions league. Lost the FA-cup on penalties. My first squad so far;

GK: De Gea/Lindegaard
LB: Alaba, Fabio
RB: Rafael, smalling
CB: Vidic, Kurt Zouma, Phil Jones, Ferdinand

LM: Bale, Young
BVM: Carrick, Fletcher, Jones
DLP: Scholes, Giggs, Daehli, Kagawa
RM: Valencia, Cleverly

DLP: Rooney, Angelo Henriquez
FS: RVP, Hernandez

In my first season I sold Nani for 24£ mil or so, bought Bale and Zouma. In my second season I've sold off Evra for 13£, and bought Alaba for about 17£, looking to unload Buttner for about 5£. Also sold off Wellbeck (pained me greatly) for 24£, so that I could focus on developing Henriquez.

Now to what I am looking for; Ferdinand is looking for new challenges and wants to leave the club. I'd rather keep him for another year, since he is still a decent player, but on the other hand his wages are quite high, unloading him would allow me to buy a new CB. I'm looking for a talented CB 19-23 or so, who can play rotation with Zouma and Jones. I've got about 80£ mil to spend, but im looking to cut costs. I'd prefer him to be english, but quality is more important than nationality. In addition to a CB I want a RM to rotate Valencia. RM is Valencias spot but late in the season I rotate him to rest him for important games. Usually I run cleverly or Young there, or some other CM in my squad. Obviously I want a more pure blooded winger to compliment Valencia, someone with pace and acceleration. I am looking to buy cheap, and develop. Age range 19-23 here as well.

I've looked at some of the more common players, so if you got some off the chart players thats worked well for you I'd love to know. I want cheap, but if I see something I really like I am willing to spend money. Thanks in advance!
Shawcross will be perfect for U, btw wer is Smalling? sold? while for Nani u can easily get 30m in the first season. also for RM there generally seems to be less players as most of them are RW, u can try for OXlade Chamberlain, Arsenal are willing to sell for around 15 to 17m while i think u need a CM as u look a bit short there, try to unsettle Thiago, works fantastically well as DLP for me at Utd.
Hope this helps
Great suggestions. I've always wanted to give Shawcross a try, english and quality. Might have a go at him, dependng on price. Okore seems quality, and alot cheaper. Renewing my scouting reports on him now. Rodriguez seems like a total beast, but he is best at ACM, a position I rarely use in my tactics, and where I would use Kagawa or Rooney. Shaqiri is interesting, I'll have to check what price Bayern would want for him.

Kai: I still got Smalling, rotating him on RB, as well as using him CB if the need arises. I thought 24 for Nani was a great price, but oh well. I tend to get rid off him whenever I start a new game. I see you point about a DPL, and I've given it alot of thought. Its very tempting to get a new DLP, especially seeing as CM/DLP is the most easy position (imo, along with strikers) to fill. However, im going to develop Mats Daehli to see how good he gets. Gave him 19 league games last season. So far he's made some solid improvement, had him tutored by Scholes, etc. But honestly not looking as sharp as I'd hope. Still sticking with it, to see how good he can get. So I allow him alot of play time. Im a nostalgic so I cant bear to let Giggs and Scholes go. Renewed their contracts, and brought them in as playing coaches as well. Use them as mentors. I let them rotate the DLP position with Daehli. Had a look at Thiago in my first season but he's been bought by PSG. Still on the fence on wether I should get a new midfielder or stick with my current setup.
after considering what u have said dont go for a New CM, but instead of Developing Daehli so much why not give powell a Go in the Game, also Cleverley will work great at DLP, so give him a Chance there as well and loan Daehli to a Premiership Club for A Season and then see how it goes...BTW u tried for OXlade Chamberlaibn?
Working on unsetteling him in arsenal + giving a low bid to be rejected so he puts in a transfer request. I had chamberlain in FM12 on a wolves save, if I remember correctly stats wise he wasnt as good as he is in fm 13, but he scored me tons of goals. So yeah, it looks like chamberlain will be my next target. Powell is a talent, for sure. The reason I want to develop Daehli is norwegian patriotism. But yes, I might consider sending him away on a loan. Cleverly turns out okay, I've put him in rotation the last season, but in my experience he needs alot of games to really blossom. As he is now I think he is a bit below pair to be running the midfield. I'll probably stick with what I've got, and see if any good transfer targtets becomes available over the year.
cb: Dede from vasco will cost you 30 mil. He s a luxury but you can afford him.
rw: Antoine Griezmann
CB - Howedes, Hummels, Dede (if u can afford him), Sakho, Nikoulou
RM - Nathan Redmond, Zaha, Zeli Ismail, Matt Phillips, Oxle Chamberlin
Im currently Man U myself and in my second season I got Walcott for £1.5m as his contract had a month left on it. Bargain!

I havent purchased another centre back as of yet, but keep playing Jones in there, he becomes immense. I have him and Smalling there with Vidic covering the odd game.


Also if you can, buy Falcao, at the end of the first season he was on the transfer list by request. Cost £25m but worth every penny. 32 goals in first season and was player of tournament in the 2014 World Cup.
yep, Using LFC Marshall database, i sold Nani (to chelsea) for €30M, Carrick €9,75M - Newcastle, Anderson €6,5 - qpr, Cleverly €16M - Milan...

Zaha will be great replacement for Nani in the 2nd season, so just train Kagawa as RM...
for Ferdinand's replacement, I target papadopoulos and Zouma (for future and will be Home-groud Club), while Vidic-Jones are reguler choice for CB my 1st season and Smalling plays well as RB...
Thanks for all the replies!

Regarding CB: Ferdinand decided to stay, so im not forcing him out. So I can wait for the next season before I get a new CB. Hopefully I will find a good newgen. I loved Dede, but he is simply too expensive. Shawcross the same. I got okore for about 6-7£ mil but when I noticed his main weakness being his regularity I dropped him like dirty laundry. And yes, Jones becomes truly immense. I tend to alternate him on CM as a BWM if im not playing him CB. Papadopoulos was a regular for me in FM 12 so going for something different this time. Already got Zouma :> The thought of Zouma + Jones as my CBs in 2-3 years is almost indecent.

RM: I bought Shaqiri for about 15£. Not sure how that will turn out. He's been playing decently, but he doesnt speak english. I just hope he wont get homesick. Perhaps I should have bought Chamberlain, but since I havent tried Shaqiri before why not. He's older so he requires less developing. Thanks again for all the tips!
Don't know how much you have used him in your save but Valencia is an assist machine! I play him first choice and he assits for fun :)

Welington Nem trained at RM may be good if he has not been snapped up at his release clause of 3.5 mil yet!
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