May 17, 2011
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Okay so i have managed to sign Lewandowski in the first season for £25m (got £26m for an out of favour hernandez so not bad eh) and he made an instant impact to my side as Van persie Welbeck and Wickham wasn't exactly scoring (of course the last two are future gems and home-grown) and now Falcao is up for sale ...What shall i do?

Here is how the strikers played the first season

Van persie - 34 apps (not including subs) 12 goals
Lewandowski 17 apps 22 goals
Welbeck 24 apps 8 goals
Wickham 20 apps - 11 goals

Van persia of course usually always started and then i'd take him off at about 80 minutes and put welbeck on...Wickham played in Fa cup games, CC games and champions league matches i'd already qualified in etc. Now shall i get rid of RVP or another of my strikers to bring in an unhappy Falcao? And how come RVP hasn't lit the game up like he has done in previous saves (i'm using a 4-5-1 i think its called lol) with RVP as a AF in attack. Anyone else had problems since the update with RVP? also have they upped his injury prone level?
Thanks for any advice
I normally sell my strikers at age 31 before they cheap out.
Been having problems getting RVP to score as well mate, don't know the problem
i think selling rvp will b a god idea.. i couldnt get rvp scoring regularly..
Create chances and RVP will score a mental amount of goals. Provide.
You're most likely going to end up unsettling your strikers and damage their morale.
You're most likely going to end up unsettling your strikers and damage their morale.

Never had a problem with that it's all about clarifying their roles e.g. Welbeck,Wickham etc know they are for the future RVP and Lew know they are the indispensable and rooney knows he isn't a striker no more lol Anyhow sold RVP, brought in Falcao and i'm thoroughly pleased with my decision, RVP signed for tottenham and only managed 11 goals in his first season for them, Falcao managed 40+
Sell RVP & try to get Falcao

Robin just ain't scoring

Edit; oh u did that, good!

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I just went through the same thing. RVP scored 25 goals for me in season 1, but was often injured and aging. I sold Hernandez and RVP and ended up buying Falcao and he has scored 12 his first 10 matches for me. I have him as a Poacher to the left of Rooney as a DLF. Falcao will get you a ton of fantastic headers.