Dec 8, 2009
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I'm getting a little bored of my FM saves now and I need something to make it exciting again. What I was thinking of doing was taking control of 2 or 3 teams in different divisions or countries at the same time and managing them all on the one save.

Has anybody else done this and is it enjoyable?
Yes, I have and its nice.

Try a difficult team and an international team - may I suggest Belgium National Team and the team predicted to come first in Belgian 3rd/2nd div OR Austrian National Team plus RB Salzburg OR Chile National Team (has awesome players) plus Metalurg in Ukraine (there's a managing in the Ukrain help thread as well in the forum)!
I've done a club team and national team. I'll say if you're more into your club team the national team is a fun diversion. If you're more interested in the national team the club team will make it feel like a really long time in between national fixtures.

Belgium is a really good national team. On my USA save, when I finally got USA to it's first World Cup final, I lost to Belgium, who if I recall correctly, were defending champs.
Hey, I've dual managed my club team and an international team (England) and it's good fun, you can keep it up for a while. But right now since I can't find it in my heart to leave my club team (Newcastle) I decided to make another manager and took control of a vacant spot at Arsenal.

I've thoroughly enjoyed it, it's great fun getting to make a team and go for players you just couldn't justify purchasing for your first club. It's a refreshing experience, but it takes much, much longer to manage both well. I'd highly reccommend it :)
I'm not really interested in managing a national side, the idea was more of 2/3 clubs in different countries at the 1 time
I can't bring myself to do this, it'd be too time consuming for me to enjoy I feel.
I have done it on FMC and used instant result. It is fun but as mentioned above it will be very time consuming
I tried it and it takes far to long and you lose Interest.
Yesterday I downloaded a "world" championship for clubs (europe/asia/usa/s america/s africa) from this here site and started a game with AL AHLY (EGYPT - playing in the "S Africa Premier" division plus cups etc) and VELEZ (ARGENTINA - Playing in "S America Premier").

Awesome fantasy set up and having a great time so far. Thinking of starting new saves in the same set up next with Aston Villa / Shaktar who play in Europe Lower Divs.
I did do it on FM12. I was Ajax in my first years, got superb talents in there and left after i won euro cup (they won champs league after i left) and nice players in the youth team, then i changed to Arsenal and made a new manager to play in Almere city (jupiler league), a affiliate club Ajax, so I could hire Ajax' talents if i needed and i would be able to compete in the long run with Ajax... If i didn't quit that save coz it takes ages to finish a season.