Manager contract expiry and salary question


Apr 22, 2017
Hello, I have a long-running save where I've been a journeyman before settling at Bayern Munich for 20 seasons to create an academy-only type of team. Being far into the future I won everything, rolling in the dough, the usual stuff of legends. I wanted to be the best paid manager in the world and having billions in the bank I pushed my contract negotiations up to a frankly ridiculous 75 mill per year

But now suddenly in 2059, as my contract is expiring, my board is only offering me a 10 mil per year contract and the maxim I can ask for is 20 mil (which is refused). I know that probably it doesn't matter in any way but I feel that it's insulting to take such a drastic pay cut. I'm wondering what's going on.

I was thinking, is it in any way connected to my age? The manager is now 71 and the press conference questions that used to be 'have you thought about moving on after so many years' have now changed to 'have you thought about retiring? '. Is this the board's way to try to convince me to retire without sacking me since I am a legend?

I'm also thinking of refusing the contracts if I can stay at a month-to-month contract. Is that feasible over a longer period of time? I'm also managing England and I'd like to only retire after I win a world cup since I only ever made it to the final a long time ago with Holland and lost in a stupid way.