Dec 18, 2012
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Does anybody know what impact, if any, you not being able to speak a language has in the game? The reason I ask is because I have a save which started with Salisbury (I'm English) and I was there from 2012 - 2028 and won a few lower league, managed to get them into the Prem and after a couple of consecutive 8th place finishes I decided to leave. A few days later the Man Utd manager resigned and I was approached and within 2 seasons I won the Prem, Champions League, FA Cup, Capital One Cup and Club World Cup. I then decided i'd move abroad so added the French league and went to PSG. In my first press conference I was asked about not being able to speak the language. Now maybe I was being a little naive and thought after 2 great seasons with Man Utd I'd walk the French league with PSG... I got sacked in January after 6 months. I then got appointed manager of Marseille and after finishing 5th first season I finished 2nd the next (considerably better with a worse team, i could now speak French). I decided to leave Marseille and added Portugal and went to Porto who had won the Prem 24 times in a row!! I'm now currently 3rd with 7 games to go and 10 points behind the leaders!! So no chance of winning!

So to cut a long story short my question is, does the fact I can't speak the language in my first season have much of an impact or is this just my manager style not paying off straight away in a new country?

And if the language does have so affect then what about maybe a new feature for FM2014 where you can spend some of your "career earnings" on language lessons if you have aspirations of managing in a new country. Make use of the utterly pointless "career earnings".

Thanks in advance.
I don't know for sure but I'd imagine there would be some kind of model where if you didn't have a common language with your players then they would struggle to understand you/ maybe not be as motivated/ not live up to potential straight away but it's not something I've ever tested to see if it actually makes a difference.
It has a slight difference, but not a massive one (From personel experiences anyway). As far as I am aware, the only thing it affects is team talks, so to get round it you could get a coach or assistant manager who can speak the language and has a high motivating attribute to take the team talks for you?

I don't think it takes long to learn languages though, within 2 months I usually have the basic language learnt, and within 7-8 I am usually fluent (Apart from when I managed in China, I guess it might be something to do with having a completely different alphabet?)