Jun 24, 2010
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Hey guys. Often been reading on the forums, but this is the first post!

Anyway. Me and another friend are having massive problems with FM11 (had similar problems on 10 too)... we can play it fine, but it seems the moment we get the Manager of the Month award the team cannot win any game whatsoever.

Its jut a mick take the results we start to get after the award, I've been playing as Chelmsford in the BSS on my latest campaign, to my astonishment, (and my friends disgust, he refuses to believe i'm any good at the game!) i ran unbeaten for the first 14 games of the season (10 wins, 4 draws) then, at the end of october, i got the manager of the month award. Since then (now mid december) i've lost 6 games on the trot, including 3 against non league teams and 2 more against teams fighting to not get relegated...

I have similar stories on several other saves, including Dagenham and Redbridge, won the first 6 games of the season... and well that was it. ended the season with just those 6 wins.

Does anyone know what i should be doing to try and counter this huge run of bad luck I seem to get, if anything is possible at all!

PS. another one thats bugging me, is there ANY way to get work permits? and on several saves if i ask the board for a foreign feeder club (to send them on loan ect to get a work permit) they agree to look, then the option becomes greyed out, but no feeder club options ever EVER come =|
Not really as i won it 2 months in a row with celtic
no sorry doesnt happen for me

about work permits there are certain rules its something like they have to of played 50% of there countrys last games over the past year or something like that and that country has to be in the top 150 countries in the world

not sure about this as i saw someone else post in in a similar thread
The lengths people will go to blame there failings XD
i have won it all 9 times in the championship before
nope never had had it.

BUt other managers in my game do. Ancelotti refused to accept it best of a jinx?!?!
fair enough then guys, i just dont understand the turnaround that has happened particularly on the Chelmsford save, theres no good reason we should go from destroying the league, then losing to a non league team THEN not being able to win any of the next 7 league games, despite opponants from both ends of the table =|
1 bad result can mess up your morale which can then follow on through your next games.
morale was still good untill about 4 losses into the streak so i'm not quite sure if that would be the reason....

there was no drastic tactic change, no dramatic changes to the squad and then they just fall to pieces =|