May 10, 2009
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I have read a couple of similar threads but have not found a specific answer to my circumstances.

I have a serious problem with the game. I cannot get a new job, no matter what I try.

I chose to manage my team Dundee Utd and have improved the squad no end and am now dominating Scottish football and European football winning every trophy available for the last 2 years running. Back to back European cups, Super Cups, World Club Cups and all domestic trophies.

I am classed as world class manager and am at the point where I need a new challenge. This is where the problem starts. No matter what job I apply for I get turned down and managers with no success domestically or European get picked before me.

I have tried resigning and going on holiday while applying for every job going, only job offers were for lower league clubs and after 2 years the Motherwell job while they were bottom of the league.

Now I know that the club and the league reputation has increased as to replace me Dundee Utd hired Frank Rijkard.

I also checked my reputation in a real time editor and had 10000 for all reputation slots.

However if I show interest in a new position the media laugh at me and say I am wasting my time. Also unlike FM 2010 my name has never been connected with another position when jobs are being discussed in the press.

Please help as if you can't get a new job in the game then it is sort of pointless playing it fi you can only manage 1 club :(
I'm Scottish so given that top managers in game are that should surely make it easier??
What age are you in game? Because I had the same issue, albeit I was at the portuguese league.. I only started being touted for clubs after I turned 30 (began the game at age 25), and at 31 I was hired for Chelsea...
So I really believe age is a big issue on this years' fm...
Started game at 30 now 34.... Never thought of age being a factor. That would suck if you have to wait years to manage big clubs as then all players you know know will have retired.... Surely if you are World Class you are World Class... i.e. if you are good enough you are old enough?

Actually was wondering if it was more to do with starting in Scotland, league has poor reputation so may be a factor....
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Well, since you're already 34 my theory doesn't really apply... Can't really figure out what's happening, but I believe this is a known issue that's being discussed at the SI forums... Maybe go there and send your save so they can analyse it and understand what's happening, as I doubt anyone here will be able to help...

Other than that, you can just be patient as I'm sure you'll soon be managing a top club...