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Oct 17, 2010
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Some of the managerial changes in FM11 bother me, a lot are a result of bad results and end with sackings managers from other clubs then move round to fill the hole left behind. Resulting in very few managers remaining at their clubs for more than a few seasons.

The image below shows the managers for clubs that have been in the Premier League between 2010 and 2013.

Mark Hughes sacked by Fulham replaced by Sam Allardyce
Chris Houton sacked by Newcastle replaced by Neil McDonald
Unknown manager takes over at Blackburn

Ian Hollaway sacked by Blackpool and replaced by George Burley (had been relegated from the Premier League and were bottom of the championship)
Carlo Ancelotti sacked by Chelsea and replaced by Roberto Mancini
Gerard Houllier leaves Aston Villa for Manchester City
David Moyes leaves Everton for Aston Villa, Alan Curbishly takes over at Everton.
Arsène Wenger leaves Arsenal in January whilst top by 10 points for Juventus, Martin O’Neill takes over. (Arsenal win the Premier League)
Avram Grant sacked by West Ham replaced by Unknown.
Roberto Di Matteo sacked by West Brom and replaced by Paul Jewell
Billy Davies sacked by Nottingham Forrest replaced by Alan Pardew
Unknown Blackburn manager leaves/is sacked.

Steve Kean becomes Blackburn manager
David Moyes sacked by Aston Villa replaced by Roberto Martínez
Mick McCarthy leaves Wolves to join Wigan
Alex McLeish leaves Birmingham to join Wolves
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer becomes Birmingham caretaker manager
Carlo Ancelotti becomes England manager after Fabio Cappelo retires.
Arsène Wenger leaves/is sacked by Juventus (then retires?)
Gerard Houllier is sacked by Manchester City.
Unknown manager leaves/is sacked by West Ham
Jose Mourinho sacked by Real Madrid.

Sir Alex Ferguson retires as manager of Manchester United
Harry Redknapp retires as manager of Tottenham Hotspur
Roy Hodgson retires as manager of Liverpool

Ian Goodison becomes manager of Manchester United
Martin O'Neill leaves Arsenal to become manager of Manchester City
Keith Millen leaves Bristol City to become manager of Arsenal
Alan Pardew leaves Nottingham Forrest to become manager of Bristol City
David Wear becomes manager of Nottingham Forrest
Avram Grant becomes manager of Liverpool
Garry Megson becomes manager of West Ham
Jan Koller becomes manager of Tottenham Hotspur

The parts I've bolded are those I was surprised to see. Arsenal are top of the Premier League by 10 points in January and Arsène Wenger leaves for Juventus. I just find that rather hard to believe, at the end of the season Arsenal finish 4 points clear of Tottenham. What makes it worse is that Wenger seems to leave or is sacked by Juventus in November of the following season.

After Euro 2012 Fabio Capello retires and is replaced by Carlo Ancelotti. Why not an English manager?

At the start of the 2013-14 Sir Alex Ferguson retires, fair enough, but his replacement is their Youth Coach, Ian Goodison who had no managerial experience. To me what makes it more surprising is that Jose Mourinho was sacked by Real Madrid at the end of the previous season and was therefore available.

This probably doesn't bother other people as much but the 2013-14 list of Premier League managers for my game just doesn't feel as impressive anymore.